Grant Form - printable Grant Form - editable

IPF clients can apply for a grant at any time for essential needs using the grant application form. The Grant application is designed to enable individuals to explain what their needs are and why the support requested is essential.

Please follow the guidance notes and provide as much detail as possible especially for any application over £1,000.  Our usual maximum grant would be £20,000 but exceptions will be considered. A grant should be applied for in advance of any work being done or a purchase being made, but exceptions are possible for emergencies; please seek further clarification from the IPF in these circumstances, by contacting our Team Administrator on 0800 783 1518 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The charity has funded a wide variety of needs and each application is considered on an individual basis. 

All grants are submitted for approval anonymously.

Dependant on individual circumstances, the charity may partially or fully fund requests. Grants have to be approved by the charity's grant making committee and, if over £20,000, the full Board of Trustees.

All grant applications will be acknowledged within 5 working days. Grant applications for up to £20,000 will be decided on and notified within 6-8 weeks. Larger grant applications for over £20,000 could take around 3 months to process.

When applying for a grant please consider the fact you will in most cases be asked to provide at least one of the following: a quote on business headed paper, a quote with company signature included, a screenshot or web link to show cost of item required or receipt or invoice containing company details.


Grant Form - printable Grant Form - editable


Non-Catastrophic Injury (Non-CI) Grant Programme 

The IPF has a grants programme available for individuals who experience injuries, sustained while playing rugby, that are not classed as a catastrophic spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury. This is the Non-CI Grant Programme.

Applications for grants from the Non-CI Grant Programme should be made through the individual's school or rugby club and will be considered if the injury was sustained during either a rugby match, or rugby training session, with a school or club approved by the RFU.

Funding from the Non-CI Grant Programme is considered on a case-by-case basis. However if you or someone you know is thinking of making a grant application we encourage you to contact the IPF Team directly. The team will be happy to provide more information and to help answer any questions about eligibility or anything else of which you are unsure.

Contact our Team Administrator for more information: 0800 783 1518 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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